California Landscape 2.0


California Landscape 2.0

The next generation of the California landscape is planted for our Mediterranean climate, the benefit of wildlife and for water efficiency.

Green Acres Nursery & Supply is very much a part of the transformation to beautiful low-water landscapes. We have the right plants, the right irrigation supplies, the right amendments, and the know-how to get you growing successfully.

A water-wise garden is one that has low water requirements based on planting the right plants for the region, generates little to no run-off and requires very little maintenance.
Plant choices that are well-suited for the climate, require less pest management, and their water needs are suited for the cycles of local precipitation. Many plants thrive in our Mediterranean climate, draw beneficial wildlife, and look attractive all year.

CA Landscape 2.0 Spot

Grow for Our Mediterranean Climate

CA Landscape 2.0 Templates

Reimagine your landscape with one of our CA Landscape 2.0 templates.

  1. 1. Choose the style you like.
  2. 2. Select your favorite plants from the list.
  3. 3. Then, let our knowledgeable staff answer your questions to put your imagination to reality.