Smart Irrigation


Avoid watering at night, which increases the risk for disease and fungus.

Smart Irrigation

Retrofitting your current system to be more efficient does not require much work or money, it simply means changing out sprinkler heads or moving to drip systems.  Our irrigation specialists can answer your questions, just drop on by. We can provide information about tune-ups or retrofitting.

Some of Our Favorite Water-Saving Products:

  • Automatic shut-off water nozzles, like nozzles from Dramm.
  • Soaker hoses or in-line drip tubing for trees.
  • Orbit Apollo 8 Manifold which converts any spray head into a drip watering system. It’s simple and inexpensive.
  • Water-conserving sprinkler nozzles like the Hunter MP Rotator. Allows for slow and steady watering and uses up to 30% less water compared to traditional sprays.
  • Smarter irrigation clocks like the Hunter Solar Sync ET.  This is an advanced weather sensor that can adjust water times and schedules for your clock based on local, real-time weather conditions.  Rebate programs available in some cities.
  • Drip irrigation for customizable precision watering only where needed.
  • Hose-end timers for inexpensive and easy assembly to manage watering times. Simply attach them to the end of your hose at the spigot and it’s ready to go.
  • Soil probes allow you to see the soil saturation before you water. They take the guesswork out of when to water trees, lawns, and planter beds. We’ll show you how to use them.


DOWNLOAD: Easy Drip Setup Diagrams

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