Soils and Mulch


No Construction Waste. No Green Waste. No Bio-solids.

Soils and Mulch

Green Acres Nursery & Supply carries only the highest quality soils and soil amendments for your planting needs. Our quality soils and soil amendments come from highly regarded companies like GreenAll, E.B. Stone and G&B Organics. Many of the soils we carry are made with only natural and organic ingredients and all contain some level of organic matter. All of our soils are guaranteed to contain no construction waste, no green waste and no bio-solids!

Local Favorites

• Organic Potting Soil / CDFA
• Soil Building Conditioner / OMRI
• Planting Compost / OMRI
• Garden Soil / OMRI
• Planting Mix
• Firmulch / CDFA
• Chicken Manure / CDFA
• Steer Manure / CDFA
• Peat Moss / CDFA
• Soil Booster / CDFA
• Azalea, Camellia Blend / CDFA
• Earthworm Castings / CDFA
• Top Coat / CDFA

Our Bark & Mulch

• 2 cu/ft Green All Micro Bark
• 2 cu/ft Fine, Medium, Coarse
• 3 cu/ft Shredded Red Cedar
• 2 cu/ft Gorilla Hair
• 2 cu/ft Black Bark
• 2 cu/ft Red Bark

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Do you Mulch?

A 2-3” layer of mulch can help reduce evaporation of water in the soil by 70%