Plant Rx


Plants need Rx help too. Better solutions come from a better selection.

Plant Rx

If you have a sick plant or pesky garden problem, we have a remedy! Green Acres Nursery & Supply carries a huge selection of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides (weed killers) and animal traps & repellents.

We carry OMRI rated products, as well as, natural garden solutions and products that are safe to use on edibles and/or around animals and children. In addition, we have a complete line of traditional insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Look for trusted brands like: Bayer, Green Light, Monterey, Bonide, Lilly Miller, Ortho, Sevin, Preen, Round-up, Concern, Safer, Havahart & more in our stores.

Our Selection of Plant Rx includes:

• Pesticides
• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• Algaecides
• Oils & Soaps
• Systemics
• Natural Solutions
• IPM Solutions/ Integrated Pest Management & more!