They Twist and Shout

A Better Vine Selection Yields Better Results. At Green Acres Nursery & Supply we carry the best deciduous, evergreen and fruit bearing vines for our area. Vines serve as both problem solvers and focal points with most displaying showy and brightly colored flowers. Vines are the perfect solution for unsightly fences, barren walls and arbors longing for attention.

Choosing the perfect vine is easier than you think; know your site conditions and plant expectations and our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right vine to fit your needs. Look for staked vines in our yard in one and five gallon sizes.

Our Selection of Vines Includes:

• Evergreens
• Deciduous
• Flowering
• Fruiting
• Bird & Butterfly Attractors
• Climbing Roses & more!

Low-Water Staff Favorites

• Carolina Jessamine
• Lavender Trumpet Vine
• Lilac Vine
• Wisteria