Plant a Legacy with a Tree for Every Location

Trees have numerous benefits.  They purify the air we breathe, cool our climate, reduce energy costs, and even increase property value of our homes!  At Green Acres Nursery & Supply we offer well over 200 varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees. Whether you are looking to hide an unsightly view or add a focal point to your landscape; with the help of our friendly and knowledge sales staff, you are sure to find a tree that fits your individual landscape.

Trees for Small Yards
(Up to 25′ in height)

• Crape Myrtle
• Eastern Redbud
• ‘Krauter Vesuvius’ Plum
• Trident Maple
• ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia

Trees for Medium Yards
(Up to 45′ in height)

• Chinese Pistache
• ‘Aristocrat’ Flowering Pear
• Raywood Ash
• Little Leaf Linden
• Tupelo

Trees for Large Yards
(Over 45′ in height)

• Chinese Elm
• Ginkgo/ Maidenhair Tree
• ‘October Glory’ Red Maples
• ‘Dura Heat’ River Birch
• Scarlet Oak

Our Selection of Trees Include

• Deciduous
• Fruit
• Evergreens
• Standards
• Multi-Trunk
• Columnars
• Topiaries
• Japanese Maples & more!

Low-Water Staff Favorites

• Strawberry Tree
• Chinese Pistache
• Incense Cedar
• Western Redbud
• Deodar Cedar
• Purple Smoke Tree
• Valley Oak
• Italian Cypress
• Olives