Delta Bluegrass Premium Peat Grown Sod


Green Acres Nursery & Supply carries premium peat grown Delta Bluegrass sod. Delta Bluegrass fescues are specially formulated for the climate of Northern California and the Central Valley. Delta Bluegrass produces premium turf that is deep-rooted, low maintenance and drought and heat tolerant.

Our Top Sod Sellers

• Bolero Plus
(90% Bolero Dwarf Fescue/10% Bluegrass)*
• 90/10 Tall Fescue
• Blue Rye
• Bluegrass
• Shade Blend
• Mow Free
• 100% Rye
• Rye Blue
• Bentgrass
• Baby Bermuda
• Tifway 419 & Tifway 419 II
• Native Mow Free

Low-Water Favorites from our Staff

• Bolero
• Bolero Plus
• Native Bentgrass
• Delta Grasslands Mix
• Native Preservation Mix
• Kurapia

*Top Seller Bolero Plus Features List

• Fine Bluegrass-like texture
• More drought & heat tolerant
• Excellent disease resistance
• Beautiful dark blue-green winter color
• Slower growing for fewer clippings
• Better density & faster wear recovery
• Better wintering Bolero (100% Bolero Dwarf Fescue)

Consider irrigating with Hunter MP Rotator® nozzles to save water–up to 30%–compared to traditional sprays.

*Green Acres Nursery & Supply receives fresh Bolero Plus® sod every day but Sunday. All other varieties must be special ordered. Call or visit our stores for more information.