A Shrub for Every Condition. We’ve got one of the largest selection of deciduous and evergreen shrubs to provide instant color and texture to your garden in any season.

Shrubs are necessary landscape staples that provide seasonal attractions, focal points, flowers, texture, boundaries and in many cases privacy.

Look for these landscape staples in our yard in the gallon sizes one, two, three and five, and for certain items seven and 15 are available .

Our Selection Includes:

• Groundcover
• Lower Growing Shrubs
• Shrubs for Hedging
• Large Screening Shrubs
• Water-Wise Shrubs
• Acid-Loving Shrubs
• Premium Shrubs
• Flowering Shrubs
• Low Maintenance Shrubs
• Tropical Shrubs
• Bird and Butterfly Shrubs & more!

Low-Water Staff Favorites

• Gilt Edge Eleagnus
• Oleander
• Pineapple Guava
• Purple Hopseed
• California Wild Lilac
• Grevillea
• Orchid Rockrose
• Manzanita
• New Zealand Flax