Houseplant Tillandsia


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Air Plants, Tillandsia species

Medium and high. Tillandsia grow in trees and on rocks in humid, tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world. They rely on leaf cover to protect from strong, direct light.
High. In their native habitat, these plants take all their water and nutrients out of the air. Getting them completely wet with either a squirt bottle or submerging them once or twice a week usually keeps them happy. In drier conditions watering more may be necessary. Tillandsia rot if they are left submerged for long periods or set on a wet surface.
High humidity. Use a very mild solution of fertilizer in water once a month.
These plants are epiphytes, a term for groups of plants that do not grow in soil. Keep away from drafts and windows; too warm and dry in summer, too cold in winter. Avoid submerging the flowers when in bloom. Have fun with these plants, they can be attached to any surface with a craft glue.

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