Houseplant Bromeliads


Get to know your houseplants. The key to growing healthy houseplants is understanding the amount of light they like, how thirsty they may get, and individual characteristics that work best in your space. Once you’ve selected a good match, the rest is easy!

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Aechmea fasciata ‘Morgana’, Guzmania, Neorgelia & Vriesea splenreit

Medium and high. These plants grow in tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world. They rely on leaf cover to protect from strong, direct light.

High. While soggy conditions cause rot, these plants are happier with water kept in the cups of their leaves.
High humidity keeps bromeliads from getting too dry and preserves the flowers (colorful bracts). These varieties of bromeliads thrive in a loose soil such as Cactus potting mix. Use a very mild solution of fertilizer, if any.
The colorful blooms of bromeliad will last weeks, even months. Once the flower fades, the mother plant will eventually decline, leaving side growth (pup) to emerge, taking the place of the mother plant.

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