Bareroot Fruit Trees


Bareroot Means Better Value

Our bareroot fruit & nut trees start rolling in around late winter*.

Choose from over 100 of the most popular varieties of apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines and many more! Ask our knowledgeable staff for help on which varieties are best suited to your region.

Bareroot fruit trees are plants grown in the field by a grower, uprooted and then shipped to your local nursery to be sold. This is all possible because when fruit trees go dormant in the winter so does their root system. All of our bareroot trees are locally grown by Dave Wilson Nursery and are potted up at our own local Matsuda’s growing facility in our plantable peat pots.

Bareroot season is typically during late December, January, and February in the Sacramento Area. It’s exciting for most gardeners because you’ll find the best variety and selection of fruit trees at the best prices of the year.

Bareroot Fruit Sleeve List  |  Why Bareroot Fruit Trees  |  Bareroot Fruit Tree Varieties



• Red Fuji
• Jonagold
• Granny Smith
• Honeycrisp
• Gala
• Pink Lady


• Bartlett
• Comice
• D’Anjou


• Lapins
• Craig’s Crimson
• Royal Rainier
• Van
• Bing


• Dapple Dandy
• Emerald Splash
• Flavor Supreme
• Geo Pride


• Golden Nectar
• Burgundy
• Satsuma
• Emerald Beauty


• Double Delight
• Heavenly White
• Liz’s Late
• Fantasia
• Harko
• Arctic Star


• Katy
• Blenheim
• Moorpark
• Autumn Glo



• Red Baron
• Eva’s Pride
• Gold Dust
• Suncrest
• O’Henry
• Donut

and more, visit our stores for more details!