Mum’s the Word


Mum’s the Word

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Chrysanthemums—or mums—fill our nursery tables with vivid colors this time of the year. You know that fall is just around the corner when you walk into the nursery and see rows upon rows of mums sitting pretty next to all of the other annuals and perennials.



Native to Asian and Northeastern Europe

Garden mums were introduced to the United States in the late 1700’s and have become a symbolic flower in many northern California gardens throughout the years. The mum is the official flower of Salinas, the official birth flower for November, and is the flower for the 13th wedding anniversary.

In the United States, giving a Chrysanthemum plant is usually a symbol of cheerfulness and a way to tell a person that you value their friendship. Colors can denote a special meaning too!

A white mum can mean truth or wealth or optimism…a great gift to a friend who is ill.

A red or pink mum can symbolize a way of telling a friend how valuable their friendship is …or a way to say “I love you!”

A yellow or bronze mum can denote that you are a secret admirer. It’s also a way to make a person smile if they’re down.






A Member of the Sunflower Family

Just like sunflowers, plant mums in an area of full sun and well-drained soil. Pinch back (remove spent buds) for bushier growth and stronger flowers.

Mums also make incredible centerpieces for the dining room table, or put them in pots to help spruce up the patio!

Add some color to your home this fall. Come see our wide selection of mums at all of our locations.