Grow Your Garden Know-How: Attend One of Our Free Garden Workshops


Grow Your Garden Know-How: Attend One of Our Free Garden Workshops

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Whether you’re a beginning gardener or a green thumb guru, there’s always something new to learn!


Our weekend workshops offer something for everyone! Some of our previous workshops include:

  • irrigation system tune-up
  • pruning
  • planting ideas for containers
  • canning
  • composting

and much more!

See our event calendar for more details and other upcoming events!


There’s no sign-up required and the workshops are free! 
Bring a friend or neighbor and drop in for one of these upcoming workshops this Saturday:


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Pollinators: Mason Bees and Other Benefical Insects

Saturday July 27th • 9am-10am
all Green Acres locations

Benefical insects and pollinators are an essential part of any landscape.



Beneficals, or “good bugs,” keep pest populations at bay by preying on the destructive insects in your backyard. Often, they are used as a safe alternative to harsh chemicals for controlling pests in edible gardens.

Pollinators can be defined as an insect or animal that transfers pollen from one part of the flower to another or from flowers on one plant to flowers on another. Honeybees are the best known, but Mason Bees are also an excellent source of pollination.


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Make these valuable insects the latest addition to your backyard and take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer.

Did you know…

  • Lady beetles love to feast on aphids; one lady beetle can eat up to 50 aphids in a day! The eggs they lay will produce an even hungrier army of baby lady beetles sure to wipe out any aphid population in your garden.
  • One foraging Mason Bee can do the same work as 100 honeybees, making them a key asset in promoting blooms, fruiting and an overall healthier garden.







Attend our workshop to learn more about beneficial pollinators
and how to attract them to your garden!

Drop in from 9am-10am at any of the Green Acres locations this Saturday.




Blood Orange

Citrus Grafting Seminar

Saturday July 27th • 10am-12noon
Sacramento Location only

click to locate the Sacramento store



What is Grafting?

  • Grafting is a vegetative propagation technique in which a single stem (scion) of a desired plant (cultivar) is attached to a rootstock plant. The two then grow together to become a single plant.
  • Often, grafting consists of joining of two plants, but can also be used to join several plants.

The Benefits of Grafting

  • Grafting can be used to create varieties of fruits that do not come true from seed.
  • Often a root system better adapted to the soil or area can be used as an alternative to that produced by the ungrafted plant.
  • Grafting can also be a successful way to produce dwarf plantings for small landscapes.
lemon tree

Learn more about grafting your own citrus and get your questions answered by the experts!

The Rare Fruit Growers of Sacramento will be teaching a workshop this Saturday.

We hope to see you there! 10am-11am at our Sacramento location.





Green Acres’ Annual Dog Days of Summer is back this August!

August 1-7 • all Green Acres Locations



  • Bring Fido while you shop and receive a discount of 10% off trees & shrubs and 5% off annuals, perennials, dry goods & more!


  • Learn about pet safe plants and products
  • Meet local animal rescues & organizations
  • Saturday check out local adoption centers & possibly give a needy pet a new home!
  • Pamper your pup in our doggy VIP lounge and let them escape the summer heat in one of our splash stations!
  • Don’t forget to pick up a bandana and treat for your dog!


We hope to see you there!
Click to download the poster for more information.


You can always check out our event calendar for updates on all of our upcoming events.