Dog Days of Summer 2018

Dog Days of Summer 2018: August 11 and 12

Attention All Dog Lovers!

Bring in your pup to get a 10% discount (on all trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials)
Enter for a chance to win awesome doggie prizes!
Local non-profits, adoptions, chipping, and more!

Scavenger Hunt

Let Fido lead the scavenger hunt to sniff out pet-friendly plants and products. Complete the hunt and enter to win a $50 gift card!

Fido follows the dotted line to find treasure where X marks the spot

Photo Contest

Does your pet like to get their paws dirty? Share your dog’s thoughts by filling in the blank: “This is how I help in the garden: _________________.”

Fido helps supervise a container garden

Smile and Say, “Treat”

We’ve created a selfie spot for you and your pet. Post your photo to enter for a chance to win!

Gift Basket Raffle

Hot diggity dog it’s a raffle! Enter to win pet-safe and pet-friendly gifts and garden goodies.

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