Speaking and Donations


Community Speaking Engagements and Donations

One way we give back to the community is by sharing our knowledge!

We give complimentary garden talks to all types of organizations for all skill levels.  Another way we give back is through plant material donations.  To learn how your organization can apply for either a speaker or a plant donation, read below.

Speaking Engagements:
Offering weekly speaking engagements throughout the calendar year. Our team of speakers is equipped to come to your location and talk about almost anything as it relates to gardening in the Sacramento region! We will bring live plants for demonstration and provide answers to your gardening questions.  Speaking engagements are on a first come first serve basis. Due to high demand we will provide one free talk to each group per calendar year. 

Plant Material Donations:
We live here too and love giving back to our local community.  We donate thousands of dollars in plant material annually to local organizations.

Donation requests $50 and under are handled at the store level through the manager, so please call or stop by your local nursery to make a request.  For donation requests $50 and above, please fill out our “Donation Request” form.