Air Purification – A Benefit of Houseplants


Air Purification – A Benefit of Houseplants

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Purify the Air in Your Home or Office with Houseplants


Houseplants are more than just beautiful living decor, they can actually improve the air quality in your home.

Certain plants remove toxins from the air—up to 87% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours—according to a NASA study. VOCs are organic chemicals released into the air via evaporation from the solid or liquid form of the compound. New homes and offices are designed for energy efficiency, therefore, they tend to reduce air flow to the outdoors, trapping VOCs inside.

Now that you’re convinced to incorporate them into your decor, browse your options to find the perfect varieties for your home or office.


Tips and Tricks for Healthy Indoor Plants

Now that you’ve brought them home, taking care of indoor plants can be simple. If you’ve chosen the right plant for the amount of sun exposure it will have inside, then you’re in good shape. Here are a few additional pointers for you.


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